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Originally Posted by douglaspuckett12
Did anyone of you see Iverson's shooting percentage once Korver was sent to the bench for Salmons. The defense completly colapsed on AI when Korver wasn't on the court to spread the zone. His contract is a steal for philly. Biggest problem philly faces is C Webb and I can't stay out of foul trouble Dalembert.
But for anyone the actually watched philly, they are a pretty good team for the first 44 minutes and then NO DEPTH makes all those 40+ mins a game starters tired and blow the game in last few minutes.

You pretty much nailed it. Korver creates space for Iverson, but defensive problems and offensive limitations prevent Korver from playing heavy minutes on the floor. He's best as a 6th man where he can be brought off the bench to spread the floor and nail some points. He is one of the best shooters in the game. People complain about his contract for two reasons. One is his defense--he tries, but is terrible. The other reason is his limited offensive game. Teams can focus on him and make him a non-factor. When Detroit put Prince on Korver two years ago, I thought it was stupid at first (wasting their best defender). Then I realized how much worse the Sixers were without his shooting. But if Korver can be brought off the bench with fresh legs, he can still help the Sixers. He fits better with Iverson than with Webber. Webber needs players to move, Iverson needs spot up shooters.

As for Dalembert, you're right again. When he gets into foul trouble the team suffers because he provides the core of the team's rebounds and blocks. Hunter is a solid backup. The other problem with Dalembert is (despite his blocks) he is a bad defender. With Webber as the other big man, that is a bad combo.

If Iverson isn't traded (and I hope he won't be) this team will be a slight improvement over last year. They still need a lot of work. A young PF and a backup PG are the biggest needs. Especially PF. Webber played too many mintues last year and is limited defensively. If they can bring in a Free Agent backup, they might be a more watchable team next year.

If Iverson is traded, I'll be disapointed. I would like to see him traded to a team where he can help them win a championship. I'd hate to see him go to Golden State or Boston. I'll root for the team he goes to (as long as it's not Boston). Obviously, I'll root for the Sixers first, then Iverson's new team. I wish Iverson the best of luck. I know the Sixers will not win with him. But they also won't win without him during the remaining years of his career.
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