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Default Re: Radiohead LIVE @ Bonnaroo

As some of you may not wanna know, I'm a producer. And I usually listen to artists and even if I'm impressed or a fan of their work I don't usually get inspired. By inspired I'm referring to when you were young and you saw a karate flick and you immediately started to imitate everything you saw. With Radiohead I immediately hook up my keyboard and I attempt to create something. But this is the scary part... they intimidate the shit outta me. I can listen to an array of artists and I don't get intimidated at all, I usually think "I can do that", but not with them.

Then Pyramid Song came along.

That song haunted me.

I would sit there for months and not come up with anything. I literally dreamt about that song, that's how much if f*cked me up. I simply couldn't come close to its 'mood'. What an amazing song by amazing artists.
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