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Default Re: Is Lion King top 10 movie of all time?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
It holds an especially special place in my heart cuz Scar is my favorite character of all time period, but there are better.

It had freakin fart jokes for crying out loud.

Soundtrack was boss.
Fight scene was intense as f*ck.
Great political undertones and Machiavellian tact.
Ethos pathos and logos all throughout.
Elephant Graveyard scene was great.
Got the mystical shaman in Rafiki.
Lots of adult themes.

But I think they should have extended Simba's character development during his teen years. He ilterally grows up within 6 seconds in hakuna matata and u never get a taste of how puccified he really is from eating all those bugs.

Zazu and Timon were sh!tty allies too

Hated him when I saw the movie as a kid, naturally. But looking back on his character... Scar was a f*cking boss. Dude was seriously misunderstood, got a shitty lot in life. His brother was the king of all animals and poor Scar was treated like the drunk molester uncle forced to live in the basement. But through nothing but sheer will, determination, and masterful scheming, dude became the king. He was like a mixture of Machiavelli and Hitler:

I'd follow Scar into the gates of hell
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