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Default Re: Is Lion King top 10 movie of all time?

There is something deliciously sexy, fascinating, forbidden about chasing knowledge and being 100% devoted to your personal selfish mission. Cold, ruthless, animal will to power Neitzsche-style with the wit and candor to confuse people along the way. The dark triad of traits (sociopathy (no regard for a child's life ) narcissism (Seen for the wonder I am?) Machiavellian (exploitation of Simba and the wildebeests)that are existent in all our ancestors needed to survive that terrain and reign and conquer rather than frolic, expect security and serve.. save that for the women. Oh yeah, and bad guys have STYLE.

Scar had the brainset of a true master. Mufasa although extremely lovable like the old grandpa who could do no wrong.. was a slave of the Law. Pick what you wish to be in this world. He was physically weaker, had less resources, was less likeable and all in all accursed. How he managed to take that, a bit of reading and a bit of slyness and become more memorable than Good Ol' Mufasa is a far more commendable feat than Golden Boy simba returning to power. He did more with less and basically turned sh!t into sugar. Instead of simply disregarding the perpetual outliers as people to defend against, he took the red pill, got OUT of his comfort zone, CHOSE to learn, CHOSE to adapt, and sought allies and refuge with the hyenas. These values (fraternizing with the enemies) need to be taught in public schools so people get the idea. There are MILLIONS of people out there who honestly EXPECT to win, EXPECT to be validated, reassured, loved, respected just because they are good and innocent rather than bring other stuff to the table.

IF ONLY he did not whimper at the end and shown his underbelly to the hyenas then he would go down as the best character bar none! Damnit!

Say.. you're a Wire and Boardwalk fan DD59. Which characters do you like the most?
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