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Originally Posted by BarneyStinson

I have a quick question on confidence. I feel that I have developed my basketball skills but I still have this confidence issue. Sometimes when I play ball, I get nervous or "scared" to ask for the ball when the ball is being inbounded. I just find it awkward when there is another playing asking for the bal l at the same time. How do I overcome this? Especially when you play with strangers? Also, sometimes I don't get the ball as much on offense and this can be disruptive to my game. How do you play with a ballhog that always holds on to the ball? Should I always just focus on working hard and doing other things like cutting, setting screens, rebounding when this happens?

I know where you coming from, You like to bring the ball up because you like to have the ball in your hands. Ppl like this often are scared to cut and call for the ball because they don't feel as confident of other parts of their game . Honestly you kinda have to be arrogant if ppl are not passing you the ball. If your open say it loud and confident "Im Open" or if your cutting let him know that hes not finding you. In a sense your being a bad teammate but you gotta let him know that if he cant run the floor then he shouldn't be hogging the ball. Guarantee you do that you will see the ball on more occasions. Even if you miss your shots your teammates know your being aggressive.
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