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Default Re: Django Unchained

Originally Posted by jbot
wow, i guess i'm the only one who wouldn't go watch this for free.
Did you even peruse the thread before posting? The majority of posts are not all that favorable based on the preview.

As for the movie...

I liked the idea of this movie when it was initially rumored to be in production, but after watching the preview and hearing that Jamie Foxx got the nod as the ex-slave out for blood, my expectations have been tempered quite a bit.

Foxx just doesn't do it for me. He plays the same character in every movie and has very little range. That includes his famed portrayal of Ray Charles, which was really an impression and nothing more... no depth to that movie or character.

I still usually enjoy Quentin's films and may end up finding this one entertaining, as I never try to base too much on a mere preview. I don't consider him the great genius that some do, but there is no denying the entertainment value of his productions, usually... However, suffice to say I'm no longer anticipating this one.

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