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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The most recent ones I've seen:

Avatar - 9/10 beyond blown away by this...can't believe i waited this long to see it.

Snow White and The Huntsman - 6/10 Interesting twist on the story but dragged on too much for me.

Moneyball - 7/10 Very different kind of sports movie without the hype and home run scenes. Was very well done and the phone calls for trades were very exciting and revealing.

Seconds Apart - 3.5/10 Some redbox garbage horror flick...was exactly what I thought it'd be.

Super 8 - 7/10 Really liked this movie and was cool that it was mostly kids..the little side movie they were making was really neat.

Elizabethtown - 6/10 decent chick flick...passed by that town on a road trip recently.

Driving Miss Daisy - 6.5/10 I'm not into oldish films like this but kept me interested.
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