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Default Re: Winners & Losers of NFL Draft.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Strictly talking about value. I'm a huge believer in not drafting a running back that high, and they did. I'm also a huge believer in not drafting a 29 year old rookie in the top 25 picks, which they did.

Arizona got a great compliment to Fitzgerald....and Flemming and Massie were really good values late in the draft, especially Massie.
the rb too high stuff has been talked to death. we disagree. u dont believe value is there and downgraded the browns draft... no problem. picked out the cards from your best list cuz of kolb tho. zona spent their draft pick in a trade and got less than nothing out of it so far. u might not agree...i think u gotta hammer zona for trading that pick and more to get a 26 yr old backup if u sour on weeden. gap between those two drafts werent night and day for me. thanx for answering my question tho
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