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Default Re: Walkthough Suggestions?

Just got the platinum for Uncharted 3 after not playing it for half a year.
I am ready to begin my walkthtroughs, just need to get a PVR. Don't really want to use a digital camera.

Anyone needs help with U3 (or ther other Uncharted titles) let me know.
I can actually implement stealth for Chapter 8 (Citadel), Chapter 14 (ballroom), Chapter 14 (airstrip) and Chapter 12 (graveyard) which makes the entire walkthrough cake.

Just beat the game last night in one sit-through, died six times (two of which from rushing platforming). Easiest game of the three, in my opinion.

I'll show you guys how to beat the fountain fight in Chapter 21 too, pretty simple. But if anyone needs tips, I can explain discriptively prior to creating videos for each chapter. Not sure if I'll do chapter select or just start a new game to show you guys where all the trophies are...

Anyways, toughest parts of the game:

- Running from the spiders in Chapter 7, mostly because of the camera.
- Chapter 9 (when Cutter is hurt, the fight against the shielded guys)
- Sink or Swim, running away from the water wave (because of the camera)
- Jin Fountain (although easy, can be hard if you aren't a good shooter)
- Caravan (I suppose, the horse sequence: although if you just run towards the van and throw every enemy off first without shooting at them on the horse, it's cake)

Anyways, hopefully I can begin this project soon.

Will do the Uncharted trilogy first, then Max Payne...for now.
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