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Default Re: Meyers Leonard will be an elite bigman in the NBA

I'm sure some Illini fans can (or maybe not) dispute what I saw, but Leonard gives me a ton of pause. The tools are immense, big, long, really athletic for his size. But I just couldn't get past his body language all year. I think it's pretty obvious there was a lot of problems in the program, from Weber on down through the locker room, but he just seemed to get down on himself so much. In that regard he honestly reminds me a lot of Roy Hibbert, he's not as sound fundamentally as Hibbert and is light years ahead athletically but it just scares me. Hibbert was about 6 weeks away from being a lost cause until Indy fired Jim O'Brien because Hibbert just couldn't take the verbal abuse.

Leonard's definitely one of the guys in this draft that has to land in the right spot. He's going to need time to develop w/o getting brow beaten after every screwup.
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