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Default Re: Walkthough Suggestions?

Originally Posted by LJJ
What is the reasons for doing the walkthroughs? Those are old games at this point. You look up Uncharted 3 walkthrough and there are a dozen different ones to pick from on youtube alone.

Just as a hobby?

Yeah, it's more like a project-based hobby. I actually got paid twice for creating the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune walkthrough a few years back. I sold my PVR since then because of school and a lack of interest. Of course there's a little arrogance involved and I also want to show off my skills and in the process help those who are struggling a little in certain areas of the game.

A lot of youtube videos of Uncharted 3 aren't walk-through besides QueenVampire and Mr.Brizzo. Half of those are players dying a million times not knowing what to do and the other people are editors for websites playing on normal just showing you how to collect treasures. The strategy is minimal at best; Mr.Brizzo and Shante (QueenVampire) both were on my crew in U2 and both are very good at video games in general. Those are really the only walk-throughs out for U3 right now; every other person isn't really all that good. My strategy is different then both of theirs and I think is catered more towards less skilled players because I actually attempt to provide a "fool-proof" strategy. In fact, both of those guys studied my walk-through from U1 and U2 before making theirs few years back.

But yeah, I guess it's more like 50/50: trying to help anyone who needs help and as a personal hobby.
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