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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

I get where you're coming from. Both guys are cut from a similar cloth.

I think the difference as a prospect is that as athletic as Robinson has displayed himself to be, Griffin was always elite in that regard. And that was a combination of speed, explosiveness, and strength, all of which Robinson has at an NBA level, but Griffin even as a prospect was considered to be in at the elite level of NBA athletes. The other things I'd say is that he had a reputation as having better hands and just generally being better with the ball.
Now none of those things translate specifically into on court skill sets, but they add up to make him a better prospect at the time than Robinson is now by a fair margin.

On the other end of the spectrum, how bout a failure cut from a similar cloth. How different a prospect is Robinson from Tyrus Thomas when he was leaving LSU? I'd say there's an appreciable gap in strength for Robinson, and while I'd say Robinson has a better foundation for a jumper, there are some similarities in where there other ball skills are.
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