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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Hey Thorpesaurus,

I definitely do see your point of view as well. I don't necessarily agree with all of it, but then again that's the thing about drafting I suppose - it's impossible for one to completely predict someone's translation to the NBA.

I do think overall Griffin was a better prospect, BUT I personally think the "fair margin" bit is a bit much. Also, what exactly did you mean by "better with the ball?". Because based on how you interpret it, in my eyes I would say Griffin was the better and more efficient scorer and slightly better rebounder whereas Robinson displays a wider range of things to bring to the table.

As far as the Tyrus Thomas comparisons go, I'm not going to lie, I thought he would produce at the NBA. At the same time, I thought his offensive skillset (compared to what I think of Robinson now) was much more raw, so I didn't think he'd have the same success as I think Robinson will have. Granted, I've watched a lot more of Robinson than of Thomas but I always thought Thomas would be around 11-14ish pt- 8/9 rebound kind of guy with a block or two.
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