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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
Hey Thorpesaurus,

I definitely do see your point of view as well. I don't necessarily agree with all of it, but then again that's the thing about drafting I suppose - it's impossible for one to completely predict someone's translation to the NBA.

I do think overall Griffin was a better prospect, BUT I personally think the "fair margin" bit is a bit much. Also, what exactly did you mean by "better with the ball?". Because based on how you interpret it, in my eyes I would say Griffin was the better and more efficient scorer and slightly better rebounder whereas Robinson displays a wider range of things to bring to the table.

As far as the Tyrus Thomas comparisons go, I'm not going to lie, I thought he would produce at the NBA. At the same time, I thought his offensive skillset (compared to what I think of Robinson now) was much more raw, so I didn't think he'd have the same success as I think Robinson will have. Granted, I've watched a lot more of Robinson than of Thomas but I always thought Thomas would be around 11-14ish pt- 8/9 rebound kind of guy with a block or two.

Ball skills is a term I came up with that I sort of mean to say that he's good at doing things with the ball that aren't necessarily basketball specific things. Like Griffin is a very good passer, but not in the sense that he's skilled at seeing cutters or feeling where opportunities are going to be, like a Chris Webber or something (although he is showing some signs of that now), just in that he makes solid strong passes that aren't lazy or particularly dumb.
Same with ball handling. I don't want to call a guy a good ballhandler, because it implies he can blow by people on the bounce, or make moves in the open floor. It's more that his ball handling is sound. He's not gonna bounce it off his foot. You can hit him in transition and he can make a few bounces with it on the run.
Catching the thing is also something I lump into my ball skills description. Some guys you can pretty much count on to catch whatever comes at them.

It's sort of a generic implication that the guy is good with the ball without overstating some specific skill. And honestly, guys with what I would call good ball skills seem to be underrated for some reason. There's nothing terribly flashy about being able to catch the thing. But it's unusually important. And bigs in particular for some reason seem to have this sort of basic set of skills overlooked often in favor of raw athleticism.

It's a hard thing to really evaluate, but even coming in, one of the things that set Griffin apart was how fluidly he seemed to do all the little things, like just catch the thing. And Robinson is obviously really skilled in this area too, but I've seen him look choppy catching the ball at the high post as a trailer say, and while his ability to hit a jumper from that spot may be better than Griffin's was at the time, I think Griffin's ability to simply catch it may be a little understated.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was not a total Griffin guy to start with. I thought he was going to measure a little shorter than he did, and I for one had said up until that measurement that I would've taken Greg Monroe first in that draft. I changed my mind after all Griffin's measurables were in, but I was still somewhat concerned about banking on a guy coming in to dominate people essentially from a physical standpoint more often than not.

And there are still things about Blake that bother me. He should be a much more intimidating defensive presence than he is for one.
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