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Originally Posted by intrinsic
The Setting. Coruscant. It's a lazy way to attract a wider customer base by shoving it into Star Wars lore. But, that doesn't bother me. The vid Al Thornton linked looks like it's right in my wheelhouse. I don't mind the absence 0of force mechanics either. After the massively disappointing TFU experience, I may have skipped over this.

Still, I agree with the point you're making(I think). LucasArts trying to resuscitate themselves by funneling all creative ideas into the Star Wars machine. If the game was simply titled 1313, my interest level would be the same. However, it wouldn't get the exposure.
On that note, they should really crank out the titles people would rather see and take their time, so they can make something that works. Most people I know want a battlefield 3, and more importantly if you played either of the first two, you want the third KOTOR. Hell, even a continuation or a completely new republic commando wouldn't be bad at this point.
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