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Default Re: Ps3 or X box 360?

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
360 fan-boys really need to stop being so biased. I own both consoles, how is 360 so much more superior online? It lags a hell of a lot more then PS3, and you're paying 60 bucks for it.

360 is now a better media hub?
Riiiight, because hooking up things like netflicks works so great on Xbox. PS3 is a way better media hub, what are you even talking about? Do you have both consoles?

This is good stuff. You're trying to discredit step back as a 360 fanboy when you made an even longer post, loaded with personal experience masquerading as hard data, slanted towards the ps3 -- on this page. You're entitled to your opinion, but everyone else is too.
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