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Default Re: Ps3 or X box 360?

Originally Posted by intrinsic
This is good stuff. You're trying to discredit step back as a 360 fanboy when you made an even longer post, loaded with personal experience masquerading as hard data, slanted towards the ps3 -- on this page. You're entitled to your opinion, but everyone else is too.

I have both consoles, there's a difference.
Which is why I asked him if he actually uses both consoles.

I stated facts. He made claims that I think are completely untrue since I use both consoles and don't understand how he came up to his conclusion...

Unless to you facts aren't:

1) PS3 is also a media hub (how is 360 more versatile?): connect your Ipod, download music, movies; use PS3 network to connect your laptop to the PS3; netflicks is far easier to navigate using the PS3 then Xbox 360...etc.

2) Xbox 360's community is far bigger but it isn't necessary better for every gamer. If you're not a FPS fan, the whole online experience isn't all that much better then PS3. Plus, it costs money to even connect to Xbox Live: sports games, there seems to be as many people online as for Xbox etc. You also have an option to buy a PS3 online subscription where you have a similar interactivity as you do with the 360 plus you get free games...

Guy made bold statements, that are not true at all. I would agree that the 360 online community is larger (not necessarily better, depending on your preferences), but the media hub comment is far from the truth.

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