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Default Re: Meyers Leonard will be an elite bigman in the NBA

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I think elite is pushing it, but I do really like him. He's obviously got plus plus athleticism, and as with a lot of guys, on a team that takes advantage of a big who can get end to end, and has a PG to feed him, he can be a real asset. In a grind out style of game I'm afraid he doesn't have the offensive polish on one end, and I'm afraid his frame isn't designed to hold up as an on ball defensive player.
At the very worst he could be a Chris Anderson type bench big who comes in and blocks some shots and fills lanes on an up tempo team.

Personally I like Zeller better because of his post polish. And Zeller, while not a great athlete, can really run and change ends himself.
I think with Zeller and Leonard it's a classic case of higher floor vs. higher ceiling, and we all know what type of player NBA teams like to take.

As far as offensive polish, he does have a ways to go, but he's taken leaps and bounds from his freshman year to his sophomore year, so I don't see why he couldn't have a pretty good post game in a couple years.
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