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Default Re: Meyers Leonard will be an elite bigman in the NBA

Originally Posted by IlliniFan
I think with Zeller and Leonard it's a classic case of higher floor vs. higher ceiling, and we all know what type of player NBA teams like to take.

As far as offensive polish, he does have a ways to go, but he's taken leaps and bounds from his freshman year to his sophomore year, so I don't see why he couldn't have a pretty good post game in a couple years.

Yeah, the Leonard / Zeller is a pretty good guage of how a team looks at a prospect. I've said the same about Perry Jones vs. Jared Sullinger. I feel like Sullinger is a way more sure thing, but Jones has a much higher cieling. It's just that Jones could also pretty quickly turn into Dante Green.

My fear with Leonard's development is mostly the frame. Sometimes I feel like I can see if a guy's frame is gonna be able to fill out, and I worry that his won't without losing too much athleticism. I think it's because he's so narrow through the waist.
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