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Default Re: Winners & Losers of NFL Draft.

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Actually the last few years, collectively our fanbase has been fairly malaise and expect the worst. Our fanbase has real reasons to be excited but I stay realistic. Every big fan of their team will ikely elevate the talent level compared to the bystander because they are more informed on the players until seeing what the actual season brings. As said in another thread, I'm expecting 7-9, maybe 8-8. That's not irrational you stinky, roast beef, meat curtained t wat.

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I turned off pics and avatars years ago. Forgot that was even there. Nice! Feeling nostalgic now.

7-9 is hands down the most realistic prediction I've heard from a 'Skins fan thus far so I'm not even going to complain about it. I disagree and think they will be 5-11 but I'm not going to fight over 2 games.

SN: You going to any Goodman League games this summer?
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