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Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
I'm guessing a team trading for Deng would require us to take back a sizable contract - would that benefit us? I think I'd rather keep Deng around for two more years, try to win with him, and have a ton of cap space for the 2014 offseason. By then we'll know if Butler is going to be anything, Gibson will need a long term deal, and hopefully we'll have Mirotic coming over to help out.
Maybe, maybe not. I mean he's coming off an all star year, is top 4 in perimeter defense. And was having a pretty solid year before, and mostly during, his hand injury. Sure his ppg dropped every month after his injury. But still. He finally reached his potential pretty much. And most people assume he's our defensive leader, which I mean I guess I would agree too. Given that MAYBE we wouldn't have to take back a bad one. Or even a large one-two year deal one to get a good prospect or pick. I don't really know.

Personally I'd rather keep the guy like you said, unless T-rob/Beal falls. And let him be a part of our rebuild/retooled team in the future.

Kind of impressive how he could potentially be a part of ANOTHER rebuild in his career here. that'd make three.
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