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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Bano114

Ray Allen is interested in the Knicks or Heat if the Celtics don't work out with a new deal.

This is an absolute must get for the Knicks if he becomes available. Forget about the fact that he would spread the floor beautifully for Amar'e and Chandler...just think about this extra value he would bring for a minute.

Ray Allen would give the Knicks a valuable source for everything the Celtics have done over the years. You know he has a tremendous understanding of what they like to do with their game plans, practices, how they prepare.

The inside edge he can give us on the Celtics could be huge for trying to win the division next season, because we'd have a much better feel for the Celtics.

Also he brings a winning attitude and championship experience to this team. Maybe even some leadership.

I don't see any reason not to sign this man if he becomes available.

I see a lot of reason not to sign Ray. I love Ray Allen, but he is old and injured. His knees and ankles are unhealthy and he has bone spurs in his feet. Im tired of us being the graveyard for hasbeens careers. The guy said himself hes not even close to being healthy. We have to start looking passed names and start looking at games. Ray is in pain, and its not just one injury bothering him. Its about three.
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