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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

You must do drills, but I quit the 3 man weave because all it does is teach passing on the move, which is a no-no.

Our first 45 minutes are always fundamentals- ballhandling, shooting, jump stops, zig zag, pass thru the defense, free throws, sprints, water break. Every day. After they do this every practice, they get sick of it, but they become much better ballhandlers and develop habits, which is what you need to be doing.

I scream "jump stop" and "dont pass on the move" all the time, but I also practiced it daily. Saying it helps, but actually doing it helps more.

Also do Shell drill every day, and other drills like setting screens, boxing out, out of bounds plays, 5 on none offense, deny the wing, etc. Do a lot more half court stuff than fullcourt, tho as the season goes along I do more.
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