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Default Re: Steven A. Smith quote

Originally Posted by Micku
Ironic that the Heat point guard had:

3 points on 1-7 shooting. 1 asts, 4 rbs, and 3 TOs. All in 39 mins.

The Thunder point guard had:

27 points on 10-26 shooting. 7 asts, 8 rbs, and 2 TOs. All in 41 mins.

If you give any NBA fan and ask, who is the worst point guard, without saying their name, it'll be the Heat. GTFO with that.

Westbrook is attacking. Sometimes he does take questionable decisions and should give Durant the ball a bit more, but he is still putting pressure on the Heat defense when he drives.
i can't imagine magic or anyone else said he had the worst performance in history AFTER the game. it had to be said during the half or something when westbrook was playing shit
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