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Default I think it's clear Lebron is at least slowly overcoming his Finals issues

Game 1 he looked nervous to me, his shot completely broken, but he found a way to at least fill the stat sheet and do his job. His previous Finals high in points was 25, and he had 30.

Game 2 was still not himself, still has no jumper at all, still hasn't gotten his swag back, hasn't gotten any alley-oops where you feel like confidence is running high, but he's just put in what was needed. New Finals high of 32. Best I've ever seen him shoot FT's. Overcame a stretch in the 4th where he was passing too much and stagnating the offense, and made really the critical basket late, and two needed FTs.

I think one hot shooting night in Miami would really do wonders for erasing any remaining confidence issues. What do you all think of his 2 games so far, which haven't even been impressive efficiency wise, but considering how much better they are than his last 2 whole Finals series?
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