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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

I coach 7th and 8th grade Catholic Youth Organization. We play in leagues and tournaments of all shapes and sizes though. We're limited to kids in the parish, and then 4 kids who aren't parish members, so long as the live within the parish district. So we're not exactly the cream of the crop, but we do have tryouts, so we're absolutely playing in a competitive manner. We've been very good for the past the 8 years that I've been involved. Winning the state 6 times, and even getting a New England title a couple years ago.

I teach a chop down close out, which is probably the same thing as you're poise approach. Short steps cut down on one's reaction time to changing directions.
I do still warm up with a tight weave, three lines all within the key. I find that at that age things like passing and catching and moving are still all things that can be worked on. And I do occasionally do a full court three man weave that comes back as a two on one, which is really more of a full court fast break drill, it's just an element to get us into it.
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