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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Argentina's 15 man prelim roster:

Pablo Prigioni
Nicolás Laprovittola
Facundo Campazzo
Manu Ginóbili
Carlos Delfino
Paolo Quinteros
Andrés Nocioni
Pancho Jasen
Marcos Mata
Luis Scola
Federico Kammerichs
Leonardo Gutiérrez
Leonardo Mainoldi
Juan Pedro Gutiérrez
Martín Leiva

I would go with:

PG Prigioni/Campazzo
SG Ginobili/Sanchez
SF Delfino/Kammerichs
PF Nocioni/Mainoldi/L. Gutierrez
C Scola/J.P. Gutierrez

Then Quinteros or Jasen for the last spot.

But Argentina loves old players more than anyone, so they will probably still try to find a way to get Hermann to play, even though he has been semi-retired for years.

I mean they were still trying to get Oberto to play.

If they select Quinteros, then he will fit well in the back court, with either Sanchez or Campazzo on offense. The last one one on the team for me would be between Jasen and Quinteros, because Kammerichs is a PF, but he can guard SF.

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