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Default Re: Winners & Losers of NFL Draft.

Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen
the rb too high stuff has been talked to death. we disagree. u dont believe value is there and downgraded the browns draft... no problem. picked out the cards from your best list cuz of kolb tho. zona spent their draft pick in a trade and got less than nothing out of it so far. u might not agree...i think u gotta hammer zona for trading that pick and more to get a 26 yr old backup if u sour on weeden. gap between those two drafts werent night and day for me. thanx for answering my question tho
Yeah but you're ignoring the rest of AZ's draft, in which they got 2nd round value in the 3rd and 4th rounds, and filled multiple huge needs like a legit #2 WR that they've been missing terribly since Breaston left, as well as snagging multiple offensive linemen that have a lot of potential and could've easily been drafted much higher than they were(and O-line was possibly the biggest need coming into this draft, right up there with getting a #2 WR). They got value AND filled needs, what more can you want?

And they got arguably the best WR in the draft at 13 all because the sports TV channels claimed that Floyd had character issues and Blackmon didn't. Yet look at them now... Blackmon is the one out there getting DUIs and making a fool of himself before the season's even started, and Floyd is the one looking clean and working hard and not doing stupid crap. It seems like Fitz has already been a positive influence on him. His attitude at the Cardinals Fan Fest seemed really happy and classy/humbled and just ready to play, exited to be a difference maker for the team.

Sure the draft would've been even better if they had kept their 2nd rounder. But even WITHOUT the 2nd rounder they had a damn good draft. I hated the Kolb trade as much as anyone out there, trust me. We gave up way too much to get him. He's really a terrible QB as a starter, especially paying him that kind of contract. What happened happened though, and there's no point in dwelling on it.

But at the end of the day I still like what we got out of the draft, I was pleasantly surprised with the picks.
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