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Default Improving The Hawks

The Hawks need to start doing like the Spurs, Warriors and and Celtics and start using the D-League. They always manage draft good players and to find players in the D-League who can start, come off the bench as scorers, or lockdown defenders.

It would have been nice to see Keith Benson, Solomon Jones, Mario West, Acie Law and Randolph Morris in the D League!! Benson never even got a chance and he and Solomon could have potentially been nice athletic back ups. Randolph had awesome skills but Zero Passion. If Acie would have been able to spend 2 or 3 years developing he could have been the great back up point guard that the hawks are missing. Mario had the passion and defense! What if he was able to develop ball handling skills and/or a 3 point shot?

There have been a lot of 'what ifs' with our drafts. Now is the perfect time to change that and start drafting smart, drafting to develop or just trade the draft picks.

If the Spurs, Warriors, Celtics, and the Knicks getting Jeremy Lin from the D-League can build contendings teams so can the Hawks.

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