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Default Re: Deron wants LA? (Here for a reason...)

Originally Posted by franchize
Wait, whats wrong with Japan? I was thinking about going. Is that a bad idea?
There isnt anything wrong with Japan as a whole but Chiba and Tokyo are still recovering from the nuclear plant incident caused by the earthquake/tsunami/flood. There are concerns about radiation in the water and 95% of the food is water based.

Personally I havent been back there since the travesty but my family says things are fine but like any other government they lie extensively to the people.

He was looking for a reason I guess Deron wanted LA as opposed to some other cities.

Its not about fear its about a business decision and i think he needs to get his money now if he can regardless of where he gets it. I was saying if I were in his shoes I would not take anything less than a 4 year deal. Unfortunately the organizations that will attempt to acquire him its more than on court ability but more for off court money.
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