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Default Re: Realistic Roster Proposal

I would rather take a risk of getting Odom for the BAE instead of Novak. I like that idea. Dreaded White text coming (dont look Franchize!)I dont know how that would mesh with Melo

I dont understand option 2 and 3. The Knicks give up back ups/scrubs to GSW for wright, tyler, or jenkins. I just dont see them giving up Tyler or Jenkins at this point. I could see them dumping Wright though. I know you are looking for creative ways to dump our scrubs and I hope this could happen.

Can you see or anyone for that matter in any scenario working out a deal with Portland or Cleveland considering they both have 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks i think.

Anthony Randolph made about 3 mill last year does he take a pay cut next year? Vet minimum?

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