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Default Re: Realistic Roster Proposal

The proposals are hypothetical. It wasn't meant to spell out exact moves we should make. It was only made to show that there are solutions that differ from our normal way of doin things. Whether every guy would sign fr the minimum is irrelevant. What this shows is that we DO NOT have to be the home for hasbeens aka the graveyard for careers. We don't have to chase every big name. There are no Mike Bibbys, Derek Fishers, Ray Allens, Baron Davis, Grant Hill etc signings that are nothing but 1 year stop gaps. With the exception of Odom, these are guys who ae young, talented and versatile. They also are cheaper that the old geezers because the vet min is on a scale. The longer you're in the league, the more the vet min becomes. I have a list of other guys that could substitute for each signing.

As for the trade, GSW is said to want to chase a pass first pg and has been rumored to have always likd Fields game. They probably could care less about their draft pick because they have the 30th pick. Once again, all hypothetical bt not unrealistic.
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