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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

just wanted to apologise for being such an obnoxious a-hole in post 1411. more and more this sport is absolutely the coolest, most interesting, realistic sport i've ever followed, but it seems i can lose it sometimes. sorry about that.

anyway, i don't get in the slightest how people can be interested in boxing and scripted wrestling after following their first MMA event. it doesn't make sense to me in any way possible, although maybe someone can explain it to me who understands better.

at the same time, MMA is the only sport i've ever followed in which i was a total amateur at, personally. weird feeling. i mean, i've had success at tennis and racketball sports, street hockey, american football, bball, softball and baseball, but in shotokan / kenpo i barely progressed past white / green belt or something like that (sorry, been a long time, can't remember precisely). fedor, anderson silva, GSP and the rest are the most incredible magicians to me... david blaine territory in my mind, without question. anyway, whatever. just a drooling fan here, basically.
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