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Default Re: Lakers picked to win 2013 NBA championship

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
some were saying in inner circles that Lakers were not happy with Fish regarding revenue sharing and double Luxury tax during the cba negotiations and thats why they traded him...

thats fcuking ridiculous..
I read that too but it doesn't make any sense. Probably some Laker blogger with no knowledge of the NBA or the CBA and it's workings.

It was the small market owners that pushed for the higher taxes and revenue sharing. Revenue sharing itself wasn't even part of the CBA discussions, that's between the owners themselves and separate from their contract with the union.

The players association agreed to the crazy tax cliff only to keep from losing an even larger piece of the pie but it was a sticking point for months and was the reason for several of the meetings breaking up. The NBPA proposed at one time an even smaller tax than was in place at the time. I belive they wanted .50 cents on the dollar for the first 10 million over and then the usual dollar for dollar tax rate we've seen for years.

Both of these things in place hinder player movement and the ability to create a more competitive market place for their services. When the big gun teams that pay taxes can't even talk to free agents how can that be good for the members NBPA? The Lakers are doing everything they can now to shed salary, that can't be good for the players.

I never believed that Fisher rumor for a second. Never passed the common sense test. Just like the Derek's a Locker room cancer rumor that's why they traded him. Yeah the guy who's spent 15 years being the team glue guy on 3 different teams with 5 different coaches decides to suddenly go rogue and undermine the coaching staff.

His age, salary dump, Jordan Hill and create minutes for Sessions are why Fish is no longer a Laker.
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