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The good: He showed flashes of being a truly elite point guard, especially the first week of the season. At his best, he was running the show, penetrating and kicking, and rebounding amazingly well for a guy his height. One of the fastest players in the league, and best passers. By default, he's a top 5 point guard, since there are barely more true point guards than that in today's NBA.

The bad: His attitude is a little messed up, and he doesn't understand his limitations (the fact that he can't shoot or finish layups). We could never figure out why he seemed to understand the game better, and how to play point guard during his rookie season than last year. Maybe because he spent so much time in the offseason "perfecting" his jump shot, he thought he should display it more during games? His effort was very suspect at times, and he had to be benched a couple times for the sake of motivation. Once got frusterated and decided not to come to the defensive side of the floor for an entire 15 second possession. No matter how good he becomes, he's still 5'11".
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