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Default Re: DraftExpress: Okafor & Arizona traded for Rashard Lewis & #46

Decent trade for both teams although the Hornets got the better of it.

Wiz clearly looking for some proven veterans to add to their young core and let them draft a shooting guard (although I would have loved to see MKG and Wall together). Hornets get a monster expirer to allow them to give Eric Gordon a max contract and secure their core of Davis + Gordon.

Wall / Mack
Beal / Crawford
Ariza / Vesely / Singleton
Nene / Blatche / Booker
Okafor / Seraphin

I don't know if they have their amnesty available but they need to get rid of Blatche.

Jack / (Marshall or Lillard?) / Vasquez
Gordon / Henry / (Belinelli?)
Aminu / Lewis
Davis / (?)
Smith / Ayon

Hornets roster is really bare and it remains to be seen what direction they go in with the 10 pick but it's a promising core to build around. I think they should resign Belinelli at a reasonable price, let Kaman and Landry walk, draft Kendall Marshall, and try to fill their holes with low salary, low risk-high reward signings like Greg Oden, Hasheem Thabeet, etc.

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