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Default Re: DraftExpress: Okafor & Arizona traded for Rashard Lewis & #46

Originally Posted by Rowe
The Wizards weren't going to do anything with any possible cap

I'd rather put veterans around Wall than overpay a bunch of young guys who nobody wants to keep. They already saw that a young team was not going anywhere but the Lottery.
You gotta keep your capspace in case someone there develops. Obviously Wall probably won't. But Crawford really turned it up towards the end of last season.

Now you're just overpaying not one, not two, but three!!! bigs. And only one you can amnesty and he only makes 6 million a year I think. Then you've got Ariza, who you can probably flip for someone good. But it makes no sense.

You're stuck with 4 more Nene years, 2 more Emeka years. and 3 more Blatche years. tell me how that's good? And what experience they have? Emeka? made the playoffs twice. Nene? sure he made it every year but made it only once past the first round. And blatche sucks in every facet. It's not like they're even good veterans. You're paying these guys between 30-40 million over the next two years!!!!!!

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