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Default Re: Evidence against the Siants

I saw the snippets that pro football talk posted and some analysis. Some of it is shaky but some is not. THis was not a court case. In the appeal the players want it treated like a court case and they are providing reasonable doubt. It reminds me of the people who know want to argue Clemens might be innocent, as if the public is a jury and needs to procede as such.

Tired of all of this, the Saints are ****ed, and i don't feel bad for any of them because all of this is just them trying to get out of punishment. I highly doubt the league made all of this up. None of it made them look good, it put the issue of concussions in the minds of the public at a time there are about 100 lawuits from former players starting up (literally).

Note: i should qualify this to the major participants. Anyone who was a bit player, who knows. But Greg Williams, Vilma, Payton knowing. Please. It's very difficult to believe otherwise.

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