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Default Re: TRADE: Hornets sending Okafor and Ariza to Wizards for Rashard Lewis, 2nd rounder

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Both Okafor and Ariza have 2 years left (Nene too), Rashard had 1. The Wizards just wasted an extra year or cap room with this trade. The part I don't like is that they added enough mediocre to solid players to not be in a position to nab another lottery pick and finish rebuilding properly.

How long do you think they should re-build? Having young players is nice, but 90% of the time a core of nothing but young players means you develop bad habits like has been happening in DC the last 2-3 years instead of becoming the next OKC.

This trade means the young guys (Wall, Crawford, Seraphin, Vesely and whoever they draft this year) will have seasoned professionals in Okafor and Ariza along with Nene to learn from and battle with.

This team has been in the lottery for 4 long years and even had the #1 pick before, it's time to start trying to win.
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