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Default Re: TRADE: Hornets sending Okafor and Ariza to Wizards for Rashard Lewis, 2nd rounder

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Because, personally, I think the only one worth a damn out of those is Wall. That's why I'm saying their upcoming pick must work out for them. John Wall and a couple 29-30 year old forwards like Nene and Okafor is not a core that you can build a winner with.

I get where you are coming from, but I think you are undervaluing the positive effects a young player learns from playing in games that matter while still developing and conversely the negative effects from learning to accept losing.

As a Bobcats fan I've seen first hand guys with enormous talents waste them because of this. I've seen guys whose best skill is slashing begin to pull up more and more and rely on shaky jump shots on offense and or stop risking injury throwing their body around on D becuase nobody else on the team is, or even worse war with the coach (or in the case of TT do all 3) because of bad habits learned while losing.

If you can prevent that from happening you do everything you can to do so.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
But again, that might not be the goal in Washington. You have a GM that is scrambling so a few low seeded playoff appearances and never getting past the 1st round might be enough for them. If I was a fan of the Wizards, it wouldn't be enough for me. I'd rather endure another bad year if the plan is to eventually build a long-term conference contender than sit through mediocrity.

I hear you but you have no further to look that the recent history of the Wizards to learn that does not always work. 2 summers ago people thought this team was going places when they got the 1st pick in the draft to go along with Nick young and their 2 promising young big men (McGee and Blatche) would make for a solid team in a few years. Now 3 of the 4 are gone.

I think Wall and the remaining young guys in Washington need to be protected from going any further down that path.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Just wait until the Raptors package their pick plus other players for someone like Iguodala and sign another veteran. Then you'll hear me harping about the Raptors idiotic front office screwing up the future for meaningless short-term results just like the Wizards.

at least your consistent.
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