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Default Re: Do u get injured often playing hoops?

I think it depends on what "often" means, but I've experienced my fair share of injuries over the years. The serious ones are never fun (broken wrist, ruptured tendon in hand) but more often it's the nagging injuries that wreak havoc on my ability to play.

For instance, I struggled through what I can only assume was a sports hernia two years ago. I was told that type of injury is usually left to heal on its own (unless you're a pro athlete, in which case surgery is performed). And it did ultimately heal on its own, but it took nearly an entire calender year. I've also had minor back issues creep up here or there. Neither injury altogether kept me out of the game, but they were both lame enough to limit my abilities to varying degrees.

In terms of day-to-day participation though, I mostly experience low key things that will not stay with me for longer than three days to a week and often do not affect my game in a negative fashion. Bumps, bruises, slight strains, the type of non-effectual type of injuries you'd expect to occur in a game like basketball.

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