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Default Re: Lakers picked to win 2013 NBA championship

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
it was both...but mostly the new cba...

Laker Owners dont care about players only meeting...He & the union basically fcuked the lakers BØBØ mentioned...its going to cost the lakers big time...

why the fcuk lakers have to share their profit with mutha fcukers like MJ23??? I am so happy he didnt win the lottery...

why? their is much more to basketball then what we see or read in the news...or the fake superstars the nba & espn creates like Lebron James...

Solid Bro

The players only meetings & the revolt against Mike Brown have been documented. Brown was afraid of pissing Fish off and Mitch was concerned.....they both were afraid to cut his time and move him to the bench, this was also stated in part. No question about it.
Sure Fish was always the glue guy, but that was under a real NBA coach not a pretender.....who has patience for that???

As for the union.....remember that Billy Hunter the Executive Director of the Players Union, wanted Fish to be removed, remember all the accusations made between the two......look it up, again this is FACT!!!

Barring any trades, those odds are idiotic. Teams that have fired their last bullet; Spurs, Celtics and........the Lakers. Teams that could make a major rise: Clippers, Grizzlies and Pacers.....all should be favored above the OLD 3 at this point. I feel the Lakers will make a deal to bring them back up.

Jimmy Buss continues to show his complete ignorance, this scares me as much as having a video editor as a head coach
Buss is so determined to do the opposite of what anyone thinks he should do, just so if it works he can puff his chest out and be labeled a genius, that is what is driving the guy. Doing what everyone says and winning a title that way is not appealing to him, he wants to make a name apart from his afraid, very afraid. I hope Mitch can influence him enough to do the right thing.

The Heat's title is not legit in my eyes, there is no question that Stern does all he can to rig this league, he wanted Lebron to become the face of the league. Voiding the CP3 deal was to keep the Lakers from winning it this year. It clearly taints everything.......and I won't even go into the ref issues....not even "Dirty Danny" Crawford.
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