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Default Re: Meyers Leonard will be an elite bigman in the NBA

Originally Posted by boozehound
really? wow, what a revelation!

I am hoping the pistons pick him at 9. perhaps a reach, but I dont think any other big outside of robinson, davis and drummond have the same potential play. Zeller is going to be a better contributor next year, but long term, leonard is the better prospect. cant wait till draft day!

lol well he said Leonard is the 2nd best behind Zeller. I was saying I think he's more like the 2nd best behind Drummond.

Although I think he might be THE FIRST BEST out of the 3. People are dumb, period. Everyone wants to say that I am being a homer because I'm an Illini fan. I shit on McCamey; I knew that dude wasn't going anywhere, but the growth that Leonard showed proves he is committed. Dude's time in the gym must be crazy to have that level of strength and low body fat. He's not only in the gym, though, he's also working on his game.

I was reading somewhere where a guy on bleacher report was like LEONARD HAS NO SKILL. It's like wut?? I dunno. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. Gotta respect him for blowing people away from game 1 this year until the combine. He went from lolno to lotto to maybe top 10.

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