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Default Re: Thomas Robinson Predraft Workout

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Running pick-and-pops is one thing. Throwing up long jumpers on fast breaks can have an unnatural feel, especially for a big man. I would be willing to bet if the workout was in the halfcourt and consisted of him popping out on a screen, setting his feet and shooting, he would have had a much better percentage made.

Looked like more of a conditioning drill than a shooting drill to me.


Being asked to hit mid-range jumpers while he should be filling his lane and cutting to the rim isn't realistic for what he'd expect in the NBA. You've got to have a terrible PG to end up a fastbreak that far out , and some pretty terrible shot selection(Nick Young-esque) to take a jumper in the midst of a fast break.

From the premise of the drill it looked as if they wanted to see how they shoot when being lead into a jumpshot. That part is going to be pretty realistic for the NBA for a PF. Espescially at the speed of the NBA game where if he were to set a pick or screen he'd have to be ready to catch & shoot, sometimes without having his feet firmly planted. You can't be timid for even 1/2 a second in those situations once you catch the ball.

It might've been a conditioning drill too. Who knows how many times they had gone through it before they started recording. I think its dumb for the Wizards Youtube account to put a workout video up without editing, which is pretty much what other teams basically do.
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