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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Enjoyed the fight last night. I wanted Wandy to win but it's not like the result really mattered that much anyway at this point. Just glad they put on a pretty good 5 rounder. I actually went to a bar with my cousin and 2 of our female friends to watch the PPV. If you've never watched UFC with girls you have to try it...their commentary and reactions to the shit is hilarious

But as long as we're talkin about fights this weekend what about f*ckin Guida's track and field exhibition against Maynard? I had to DVR that fight and yesterday morning I woke up all ready to watch a fast paced, intense fight. Instead I see....running. Not "footwork" as I've seen some MMA snobs tryin to call it online, but pure running. So damn disappointed in that one. White was pissed afterwards too. If Guida wasn't so popular (before this fight at least) his spot would probably be in jeopardy after that
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