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Default Re: Would You Do the #2 for Joakim Noah?

Originally Posted by fatboy11

Most people (especially on an internet forum) don't view the NBA draft in the proper light. They just assume these high picks are going to be good. Noah only averages 10-12 points a game, so they think he's not as good as a #2 overall pick. It's all black and white with a lot of people.
It's completely true. 8th or 10th pick, sure, that's fine but you don't give up that high of a pick for Noah. You can take that pick and go after a guy like Andrew Bynum, you don't settle for a nonstar with the #2.

The Bobcats are tired over building their team through the draft lottery every year. That alone should tell people how risky the NBA draft is. Noah's a proven guy that has been on winning teams for years now, and he's still somewhat young. Charlotte is going to have to start adding veterans to make this thing work.
All of this proves that MJ has done a bad job as a GM. IT doesn't show that you can't get a better player than Noah.
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