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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by B-Low
But as long as we're talkin about fights this weekend what about f*ckin Guida's track and field exhibition against Maynard? I had to DVR that fight and yesterday morning I woke up all ready to watch a fast paced, intense fight. Instead I see....running. Not "footwork" as I've seen some MMA snobs tryin to call it online, but pure running. So damn disappointed in that one. White was pissed afterwards too. If Guida wasn't so popular (before this fight at least) his spot would probably be in jeopardy after that
some people seem to be comparing guida-maynard to condit-diaz. i consider that extremely wishful thinking.

condit was willing to engage everywhere except the perimeter of the octagon- by the end, diaz' face was busted up and all major compustats had condit outlanding total shots and significant shots.

guida, other than some interesting exchanges, ran away on the edges, the middle, and everywhere else. there is no way in any reasonable or totally bizarre universe that the dude deserves the win or should be compared to condit.
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