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Default Re: Official Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 thread

Originally Posted by Sakkreth
Those are useful when you have somewhat decent mechanical skill already, because if u watch pros play you can't make build orders that they use to be effective. Up until diamond just pick some decent not too hard build orders and play reactionary, build up ur mechanical skill and game sense. When you are in high dia+ it's when watching pro streams helps, as you get good builds and ideas which you can do it yourself. My PvT was worst mu, then i picked up SaSe's double gas with 2probes expand into pressure build, learnt how to transition out of that in and it's my best mu now, i beat mid masters terrans no problem usually (I am high dia on eu).

Btw if someone from eu playing add me eXeSakkreth.147

I learned some good builds but like you say you gotta have the mechanical skill. I feel like I have really improved over the last few days.

I would send an army down to engage, and if I lost I would always remember then, I should have been building infastructure and/or units to help replace and set up counters. I've really done a great job improving that flaw in my game over the last few days.

I'm watching Puma v Alive (NASL Season 3 playoffs) on this stream. Holy hell these guise are fantastic at late game strategy along with great back and forth exchanges for control of the map.
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