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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
the idea that fedor could cut 30-35 lbs to get to LHW and that he's lost much of any real speed are both total myths IMO.

fact is, fedor only lost one fight in his entire career in which he looked decisively outclassed. and of that particular fight, it was only the second round, when bigfoot achieved mount, that showed how vulnerable he could be against a BJJ expert and all-around beast, giving up like 30+ pounds to the dude. and yes, cain and cormier both showed how to beat bigfoot, but they're both fantastic wrestlers who used precision gameplans, two things that fedor failed to achieve.

there is no doubt in my mind that fedor is still a top-five HW at age 35. i can't see him beating JDS, but he could definitely give a lot of trouble to cain, cormier, mir, and a couple others. all he would really need to do against werdum and hendo is to not jump in to their guards-- otherwise he knocks both guys out standing up.

really, this is all about fedor's desire to be with his kids, DW being a hot-headed, stubborn douchebag as usual, and fedor's mgmt being greedy douchebags as usual. other than those three things, there is no actual reason fedor shouldn't be wrecking skulls in the UFC even now.

Can't agree. He's not getting any younger and all those years he spent doing the same ol' training and not expanding caught up to him. Just look at the level of competition he chose to fight in his last 3. If he had any desire to really improve and not be so set in his ways, then he would have gone after better opponents. Fedor avoided Overeem like the plague and he avoided the UFC. Do you see the confidence in Fedor in his actions?
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