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Default Re: What do you guys do for your warm up/practice?

I know the jury's still out on this strategy, but I like to stretch. Sometimes I'll warm up very briefly before I stretch, sometimes I'll stretch right after I put my shoes on. Either way, I feel it's very much enhanced my flexibility and ability to perform.

Anyway, after stretching, I'll begin a slow warmup, with some moderate layups. This often leads into ball handling, where I'll go through different sets of pounding the rock as hard as I can with each hand, in-and-outs (again pounding), crosses, behind-the-backs, between-the-legs, etc. This tends to get my body low and legs semi-activated, in addition to getting my hands used to dribbling.

Then, to really get my legs ready, I feel I must either find someone to challenge me in an informal game of one-on-one (no score, just someone to force me to move quickly) or I run through a shooting drill, usually shooting from the baseline, grabbing my rebound, sprinting to the other baseline, shooting, etc.

Ideally, to get myself as ready to play as possible, I need to get myself winded and tired beforehand, at least briefly. That seems to unlock my second wind and get my jumping legs going. To be completely honest, it can be tough to make myself warmup that way, as my body fights wanting to be tired. In that case, I end up spending the first portion of the game warming up, which is not always the coolest thing ever.
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